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Blue Lotus is an Electronics manufacturing company found in year 2013,with an aim to solve all problems related to society,by technology.With time,we developed advanced workshops and training programs for engineering students.We built a high-end innovative platform to ensure a faster learning experience for the young minds.

Blue Lotus technologies brings you a completely automatic solution to prevent water wastage from overfilling your water tank.Although the market is filled with numerous alarm-systems and indication based units which warn you when your tank is full,but this is where our system shines.

Blue lotus water controller automates the whole process of filling your tank.It automatically turns on the motor when water in your tank is low,and automatically turns it off as soon as the tanks fills completely.This ensures long life of the motor pump and saves electricty.

Specialities of Our product

Super efficient circuitry

Built with low power consuming components,it never builds any burden on your electricity bill.

Smart processing unit

Equipped with the latest microprocessing unit,this device monitors and controls water level in your watertank,avoiding wastage.

Consumer focused device

Designed keeping consumer comfort in mind,this device needs minimum maintenance.It has a brain of it’s own!

All this at 50% low price

This device is 50% cheaper than all the market competitors and is 60% more feature rich than others.The best device at the best price!