Summer Training Program on Arduino uno and Industrial PCB Designing.

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Main objective of this training is to make the students conceptually and practically aware about the upcoming Embedded Systems Technology.

Modules to be covered in this training:

A) Desigining Lab

1. Introduction to Designing Process.
2. Introduction to PCB (single sided and double sided).
3. Introduction to PCB layers(multi layers).
4. Introduction to PROTEOUS software(ISIS+ARES).
5. Designing a new schematic(circuit).
6. Placing the components.
7. Simulate the circuit.
8. Making custom component.
9. Linking of schematic to pcb.
10. Beginning a new layout.
11. Placing the footprints.
12. Placing power and ground planes.
13. Introduction to pads and vias.
14. Make a track on pcb.
15. 3-d visualization.
16. Making a footprint of component in pcb.
17. How to make automatic pcblayout(auto routing).
18. How to take a printout of layers of pcb.

B) Embedded System

1. Overview of embedded system
2. Its scope and application
3. Introduction to C language
4. Introduction to microcontroller
5. Description of ATMEL microcontroller
6. Introduction to Arduino IDE and Arduino C
1. Interfacing of LEDs.
2. Interfacing of RELAY.
3. Interfacing to LCD.
4. Interfacing to SENSORS.
5. Interfacing to MOTORS.

Each student will be provided with:

Hardware Kit

(Arduino UNO)

Course book

(Soft copy)

Software tool kit



(Arduino IDE)


(on training Completion)

Charges of this training:- Rs.5500/- per student