Blue Lotus was found in year 2013 as an electronic manufacturing company.
It manufactures & sell electronic products,equipments their installation & provides training& workshop.
Water level controller,water level indicator & laboratory equipments.
You can order it just by filling enquiry from & telling your requirement.
Fill up the enquiry form & the respective department will contact you.
Fill up the enquiry form& respective department will contact you.
We offer workshop /summer training on latest and new technology topics.
Yes we offer workshop/ summer training to Computer science students.
You can give your feedback or register your complain at ,8127515463, 8574817065
There is one year replacement warranty to water level indicator as well as water level controller.
You can order the product and get it at your door step.
For water level controller you will get installation assistance from us. For water level controller, you can go through manual/assistance by company.