Combined technology projects

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Project intro

S.No.Model No.Combined technology projects
1.115GSM PLUS RFID based attendance system
2.127E-Tracking Garbage Bin system
3.139GPS and GSM animal tracking system
4.128GPS based animal tracking system
5.138GSM PLUS DTMF based home appliance control
6.127GPS and GSM based accident indication and location finder
7.116GSM PLUS RFID challan system
8.117GSM PLUS RFID library management system
9.118GSM PLUS RFID railway reservation
10.119GSM PLUS RFID Toll tax deduction
11.120GSM PLUS RFID ATM machine
12.129GSM PLUS RFID prepaid energy meter
13.139 RFID and GSM based bank security system
14.126RFID and GSM based bank attendance system